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Green Power
We're committed to energy efficiency

We're committed to energy efficiency

We take the sustainability of our products and factory extremely seriously and we are always looking for ways to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency.

Our factory in Echuca was fitted with a 100K/W solar system and LED lighting in 2013.

The 400 solar panels on our 5400m2 factory roof save around 44% of the total electricity drawn and LED lighting saves around 30% of our previous electricity usage for lighting.

The savings to the business—and the planet—have been significant, and have inspired us.

We’ve appointed Momentum Energy to supply renewable energy for the remainder of our power consumption at our factory in Echuca, Victoria (around 55%).

We pay an additional fee per kWh for electricity supplied to our factory for GreenPower. GreenPower is a government-accredited renewable energy product offered by most electricity retailers to households and businesses in Australia. 

Although we consume power from the grid, which can be generated from many different sources, the fee that we pay Momentum means that they will ensure that power from GreenPower accredited sources is generated and exported to the grid to match our usage. 

Most importantly, we're looking for ways to boost our energy efficiency, reduce waste at all levels and reduce our carbon emissions.

There will be further investments in energy-efficient capital equipment and low-emission technologies, processes, and products. 

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