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How we go about our day

How we go about our day

The Foodmach Core Company Values act as guideposts to ensure that everyone in our organisation is set to deliver upon our promise.

And it is?

That Foodmach is the fastest way to get control of your packaging line.

    So that's our goal, but the way businesses go about meeting their goals is critical.

    We believe that sustainable business can happen when people, planet and profit are given equal focus and consideration.

    Three circles meeting in the middle: people, plant and profit. Where they overlap is marked 'sustainability'.

    The foundation on which our values are built is safety—the safety of people, the planet and our business. 

    Here's how it all works together:

    Foodmach business model

    People safety is not just about physical safety, although that's our priority in every situation.

    We're also talking about psychological and social safety too.

    Doing our bit for the planet secures a safer future for people everywhere.

    And finally, keeping our business strong ensures job safety for the many people who rely on us.

    Our Values are defined by behaviours designed to bring them to life.

    We strive for:

    Symbol for integrity: Shield with a tick Integrity

    We always do our best and strive to promote excellence in our people, products and services

    Symbol for Passion: Love heart Passion

    For solving automation challenges. We're self-motivated and committed to providing the highest standards of quality and service.

    Symbol for Creativity: Person excited Creativity

    We're always innovating, continually challenge ourselves to develop new and innovative solutions

    Symbol for Teamwork: Two people on a see saw Teamwork

    We always work together for the benefit of ourselves, our customers and the company

    Symbol for Proactivity: Group of people with an eye above them Proactivity

    We’re always looking ahead and anticipating, solving problems before they happen

    We are safety-focused, values-driven and thinking sustainability in everything we do.

    A great corporate culture is led from the top, with directors and management who embody the company values.

    Our directors are predominantly also managers working in the business, interacting with our customers every day.

    If you'd like to see our team in action...

    Let's chat

    Strong values make for a great team

    Are you here because you'd like to be part of an exciting industry?

    Foodmach is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values diversity in the workplace.

    We encourage applications from people of diverse race, ethnicity, age, nation of origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, neurodiversity or physical ability. It is our policy to consider reasonable adjustments for qualified applicants with disabilities.

    We're always looking for good people, so if you feel you embody our values and you have the skills to be part of our family, please get in touch.

    Or even if you don't quite have the right skills, contact us anyway! On-the-job training is part of our continuous process of team-building and career development.

    To submit an application, please send:

    • A covering letter
    • A statement addressing the key selection criteria in your desired role
    • Your curriculum vitae (CV)

    By E-mail

    By post

    Human Resources Manager
    Foodmach Pty Ltd
    1 Darling St, 
    Echuca VIC 3564

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