Mengibar is award-winning

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Mengibar is Award-Winning

The Mengibar MassFlow Filler Capper recently won the Import and Distribution Machinery Award—Corporate at the APPMA (Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association) Awards. Here's how it came to Australia and took out Gold.

Not so long ago, Foodmach submitted an expression of interest for a natural beauty business’ greenfield facility. As part of our proposal for four turn-key filling lines, we sourced filling technology capable of handling a wide variety of difficult-to-handle products in a wide range of containers and closures.

The applications were challenging because:

a). The product viscosity ranged from 1cP (water) to 50,000cP (the viscosity of ketchup), some with high foaming characteristics.

b). The packaging itself is highly complex.

Based on our knowledge of the available solutions around the world, Mengibar was the obvious choice.

Although not well known in Australia, the 40-year-old EU company specialises in filling and capping for complex products.

We proposed three Mengibar MassFlow Filler-Capper Monoblocks, which offer 8-10 tons less product waste per year. The use of SmartFlow™ technology with fast changeovers improves line efficiency by 20% compared to competitive technology. The technology can be adjusted for an endless array of products as required for the price of a nozzle.

The greenfield project was an unprecedented success, and the award recognised that Mengibar filling technology is just what Australia needs for hard-to-fill products, whether high-foaming, high-viscosity, explosive, corrosive, or simply downright dangerous.

Eight Reasons it's a Winner

This filler offers an impressive 20% higher production rates and 8-10 tons less product loss over competitor fillers. For this project, it offered a 2-year payback period with higher product quality, more flexibility and lower maintenance costs.

These benefits are achieved through innovative use of:

  1. MassFlow technology to accurately scan passing product without needing any kind of calibration, reset or adjustment. No approximation methods are used; it’s scientifically accurate, and it saves time.

  2. 'SmartFlow' technology, so no ramp-up is needed after a long stop.

  3. A uniquely designed 360° CIP drain pan covers the entire filling area. Faster cleaning and product priming are performed when the filling stations are opened simultaneously.

  4. Patented Low-Reynolds Filling Heads (LRFH) Filling Nozzles® are designed to avoid splashing, dripping, or contact with containers, resulting in superior hygiene and less product waste.

  5. Patented hysteresis magnetic-clutch technology to accurately apply a specified torque to each bottle for screw-on capping heads. 

  6. Exclusive double-axis capping station design preventing damage to pumps during the transfer from pick and place star wheel. 

  7. An advanced dip tube guiding mechanism for inserting dip tubes with reliability, even if badly distorted or curved. 

  8. Specialist hot-fill technology to ensure precise product flow control. Temperatures can be accurately adjusted and maintained throughout the filling process, regardless of viscosity.

Let's Not Forget Safety

Mengibar also makes a genuinely ATEX-rated*, explosion-proof filler.

Creating a stable work environment inside a filling machine without changing pressure or flow conditions that impact performance and efficiency is a design challenge. The Mengibar MassFlow filler is the only filling machine we know of that provides both safety and high performance.

The use of ATEX-rated electrical components, such as gas and thermal sensors, ventilation system connections, ventilation failure and gas presence warning lights and automatic shut-downs, keep the filling area safe. Clever use of sensors combined with Mengibar’s innovations in filling algorithms and dispensing technology keep hazardous product running at the same rates or higher than you’d usually expect from non-hazardous product.

It’s truly remarkable engineering.

*ATEX refers to European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres in the workplace.

Integration is the Important Bit

With Mengibar as the centrepiece, Foodmach won the $10M+ multiple turnkey line project.

While the Mengibar filling technology is itself formidable, the difference between a single filler and an integrated filling solution from Foodmach is line optimisation resulting in markedly higher production rates, ease of supply and service.

This is because:

  • A filler is only as fast and efficient as upstream and downstream equipment, conveying and accumulation.

  • Foodmach’s Industry 4.0-enabled line integration and line control ensure that the filler provides all the data points required for higher-level management systems.

  • It can be controlled as part of a powerful, synchronised production vehicle, where buffering ensures that every piece of equipment is running at optimal speed.

  • After we take care of the acquisition, importation, delivery and installation of the filler, Foodmach technicians are able to perform the on-site work usually only done by European/USA technology providers.

Foodmach has had significant success in the marketplace with the Vipoll ALL IN ONE filler, which suits medium to high-speed beverage lines. Mengibar's range is uniquely suited to accommodate the gap for more complex filling challenges.

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