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INDEX-6 Fillers
Ultra-clean filling machines

Ultra-clean filling machines

INDEX-6 Ltd. is our specialist partner for ultra-hygienic filling machines.

INDEX-6 offers ultra-clean filling of liquid food products such as:

Milk and dairy products, juices, ketchup, mayonnaise, dressings and sauces, baby foods, jams, oils, wine, spirits and water.

Also, non-food products: Cosmetics, household chemicals, petroleum products, etc.

Shelf Life and Purity:

For microbiologically sensitive food products, shelf life can be a serious barrier to successful market penetration and development.

Ultra Clean filling guarantees minimal contact of the product with harmful bacteria during filling and consequent transportation and storing by providing containers and caps sterilisation and a highly hygienic filling environment.

This way, extended shelf life (ESL) can be achieved, which guarantees that sensitive products like dairy products and fruit juices:

  • keep their quality during filling,
  • remain safe from dangerous bacteria,
  • can travel longer distances for distribution and
  • can be stored for longer times,

... while remaining fresh and with unchanged quality.

Add in Some Blow Molding

Taking it a step further, B_Ifill™ is a compact synchronized system by INDEX-6 offering blow-moulding, weight dosing and filling and capping for PET bottles of high hygiene standards, with automatic feeding of preforms and caps:

When you buy world-class packaging technology from Foodmach, it comes with our guaranteed service, support, expertise and unmatched line integration.

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'The Foodmach team supported BWX in ensuring safety compliance of imported third-party equipment outside of Foodmach’s scope.'

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